• SEW High Speed Precision Power Press - HSD Series

     • High performance, High production, Reliability, Economy & Safety insured

     • Welded steel construction with maximum rigidity&lowest deflection.

     • Fabricated steel slide running in extra-long guides to ensure perfect alignment.

     • Combination clutch and brake with inter-looking of functionsand dual solenoid valve to    

       ensure "Fail-Safe" operations.

     • Variable speed drive for wide range and quick selections of speed.

     • Motorised lubrication System,cenrally conrolled and monitored,so that in case of any    

      fault in the system the machine stops immediately.

     • Well-Designed control station for easy operations.

     • stroke counter,slide adjustment indicator provided on machine.

     • Hydraulic overload safety (Optional). Flywheel & motor guards.

     • Bearing temperature sensor is an optional feature.

     • This prevents damage to major berings by stopping machine if bearing temperature    

       exceeds preset values.




    • Bolster Plate, as per your drawing
    • Production Counter Electronic Readout
    • Shut Height Indicator - Digital Readout
    • Press Controls Two Hand Control Off_Inch_Single Stroke Continuous Stroke TDC stop
    • Operators Control Panel, Roving Type
    • Rotary Cam Limit Switch 8 Cam - Imported
    • Motorised Slide Adjustment
    • Crank angle indicator digital type
    • Machining pad for mounting feeder bracket
    • Crack shaft extension for mounting feeder drive arrangment
    • Three Miss Feed Sockets for interlocking miss - feed switches from Press tools
    • PLC based Elctrical Circuit
    • Preset and batch counter
    • Dual solenoid valve
    • Oil grease drip pans
    • Set of hand tools (Special to Press)
    • 4 - Pieces Hydraulically Pre - stressed by Tie Rods
    • Hydraulic Stick Release to Solve tool - jam Problems within Seconds
    • Plunger Guide Design eliminates the change in guide clearance. Connecting Rod
    • Plunger Clearance is also maintained


    • Press Automation
    • S-type Loop Control System with Double Coil Reel and Trip Straighefener
    • Mechanical Gripper Feed
    • Gear Charge
    • Gear Feed
    • Quick Die Change System
    • Anti Vibration Mouts